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We provide a wide range of personal care services in your home or place of residence.  The In-Home Care services we provide, allows those in our care to maintain their dignity and quality of life. We assist our clients with their Activities of Daily Living while keeping in mind their individualism and preferences. Whatever your needs are, let us help to improve your quality of life and the life of your loved one by giving you back your peace of mind. Hand over your cares to us so we can care for you. 

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Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease at home is a difficult task. Basic activities of daily living, eating, talking, sleeping, dressing, are often hard to manage for both the person with Alzheimer’s and their families.

At Compassions Home Care our Caregivers are trained to meet the challenges that come with caring for people with this disease, while providing the often much needed respite for their family members.

Walking Assistance

For clients that have mobility issues, moving from one area of the house to another can be very difficult, and if not done properly, can result in serious injury. Our experienced caregivers are knowledgeable about the principles of body mechanics, and are prepared to assist your loved one with standing, walking, positioning and transfers without causing injury to him/her. Training teaches how to best protect seniors from falling. Proper assistance will minimize the chance of injury, giving our clients peace-of-mind that they are able to navigate around their homes safely.

Medication Reminders

Hospital readmission rates in the elderly are largely due to seniors not properly taking their medications. Having a skilled caregiver in the home with your loved one can insure that medication is given at the prescribed time. Therefore, the chance of hospitalization or further complications from not taking the medication is avoided.

Call Us For A Free In-Home Care Assessment

The home care assessment provided by Compassions Home Care is a free, no obligation visit to help evaluate the type and level of care required or preferred by a client and their family.

We start every new case with a free in-home care assessment. We can begin service with little notice. 

The owner or a member of our management staff will visit the home in order to establish how Compassions Home Care can assist clients in living independently within their own home.

No two clients are the same, and as such we will discuss the client’s daily routines, needs and preferences. In addition, we will discuss the client’s requirement of light housekeeping chores, transportation, meal preparation, personal care and any other requirements such as medication management. Any specific information with regard to medical conditions, medications, allergies or nutritional requirements will also be ascertained during this visit.

Also, we use the in-home care assessment to get to know the clients personality and lifestyle a little. This enables us to make an excellent match between the client and their caregiver, which plays a very important role in ensuring a successful home care service.

As soon as this assessment visit has taken place, Compassions Home Care is able to facilitate the start of home care services very quickly, or with little notice.

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